Hello, my name is Zac Uselton.
Since 2008, I have been a digital and traditional designer for small start-ups and larger corporate companies. Throughout my career, I have had the wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge and creative ability, to help grow and achieve career and personal success. With the help of great mentors and leaders, they have all had a helping hand in molding me into the professional that I am today. So here is my story.

June 2008 - November 2008: Melior, Inc
I had the opportunity to work at Melior, Inc. while studying Multimedia at ITT Technical Institute. At Melior, I was a Flash and 3D artist. In this role, I was responsible in creating/coding interactive online training content for preparatory schools. In this position, I used the Adobe Suite, primarily Flash, to create and code 2D graphics for simple game training exercises, animations and interactive graphics.
When complex models we called for, I would use AutoDesk 3DS Max. In this program I would wire frame out high end 3D models and animations for course work. These models range from automotive, cosmetics, to health science. In most cases, the 3D space would showcase the main animations, while Adobe Flash would compress these animations for web application.

March 2009 - December 2013: Education Corporation of America
From December 2008 to March 2009, I worked a contract position at Education Corporation of America (ECA). Before my contact date was up, I was hired on as an employee at ECA as Multimedia Assistant and I quickly migrated over to the Graphic Design position. At ECA, I was responsible in creating and maintaining a stick brand guideline for multiple colleges, such as Virginia College, Golf Academy of America, Culinard, Ecotech Institute and New England College of Business and Finance.
In this position, I helped create award winning collateral in the outdoor market. Other collateral consisted of flyers, web ads, emails, posters, promotional items, brand guidelines, charitable marketing, logos and more. Working within the in-house marketing department, I was fortunate enough to see and learn from most aspects of the B2B and B2C atmosphere. This experience came from working closely with the marketing directors and media buyers in respective markets.
Along with this position, I served as a liaison with outside print vendors and promotion organizations. In doing so, it helped me stay in touch and on top of traditional and digital trends. This experience helped me understand and improve on my social media trends and audience approach.

December 2013 - November 2017: Digital Marketing Services, Inc.
When approached by Digital Marketing Services, Inc. (DMS), I took on the role as Graphic Designer. At the beginning of my on-boarding, I was responsible for creating and maintaining marketing print collateral, such as business cards, letterhead, sell sheets, flyers and posters. Shortly after my introduction period, I was entrusted in creating branding collateral for start-up and established companies.
Over the years at DMS, I have been fortunate enough to work with vast and notable companies. Ranging from industries in hospice/health care, construction, realty, breweries, food service and cosmetics. At its core, DMS is a technology company with sophisticated printing capabilities. I have helped create content that has enhanced my creative experience and overall vision of new-age design that has become an asset for the company.
At DMS, I was the Lead Graphic Designer. In this role, I was responsible in maintaining the Art Department to ensure that they are properly communicating with the business partners, sales teams, development teams and most importantly clients, to hit deadlines consistently. This position helped me bring structure to the team and understandings of limitations in the creative sphere. Working with multiple companies on their needs and expectations has helped me become a strong team leader and problem solver.

November 2017 - April 2021: Main Street Inc.
After my stay with DMS, I took on a new adventure with Main Street Inc. Here I work within the marketing department as a Graphic Designer. Getting back to my roots as a corporate designer, I help create marketing collateral in both traditional and digital formats. With over 2,000 financial institutions, Main Street provides rich data-driven print, analytical and marketing solutions.

April 2021 - November 2021: Moda Health
Since moving to Portland Oregon, I made the hard decision to leave Main Street Inc. to join Moda Health. At Moda, I took on the role as Brand Designer II. I work to ensure brand constancy and improve creativity and processes for Moda and its subsidiarity companies. I have also had the opportunity to design for and with outside sponsorships and organizations such as the Portland Trailblazers.

November 2021 - Current: Gold Leaf Print and Packaging
In November of 2021, I was approached with an opportunity to help grow a new cannabis branding company, based in Pelham Alabama, called Gold Leaf. I took on the role of Lead Designer, working closely with the Creative Director and other in house designers, I helped to elevate the new brand to become one of the fastest and premier cannabis branding and packaging companies. Within this role, I have taken on leadership and ownership of high-end projects such as web design, email marketing, display ads, social media, direct mail and video editing for internal and external communications. A side from working on internal marketing, I have enjoyed working on branding, marketing collateral and package design for startup and established brands.
Sadly, my contract at Gold Leaf is ending at the end of 2022, as the drive to bring designers back in house is not an option for me at this time.

Currently - Me
So there it is, my professional development. Aside from my previous and current employers. I have been a freelance professional for many years and continue to be so now. I enjoy what I do and love creating something out of nothing. There is nothing like looking at a blank art board after reviewing a project scope and saying, “Lets see what happens”.
If you would like to see my resume, click this link. Or if you would like to reach out with any questions or project request, please fill out the form below. Ill be more than happy to talk with you and see what we can come up with.

Thanks for stopping by,

Zac Uselton
Graphic Designer  |  Portland OR
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